Ratoath Rockets blast off and Ratoath Wheelers are onboard.

Ratoath Rockets Blast off, and
the Ratoath Wheelers are onboard.

During the early months of this year, the Wheelers indoor training sessions were held at the GAA clubhouse. While we were there, we became aware of the Ratoath Rockets, a wonderful initative that the members of the GAA club were launching for all families in the
area. It seemed like such a marvellous idea that we wanted to help raise awareness of  and support this great initiative.

We asked Pat Daly (one of the founders and volunteers) to tell us a bit about
what the Ratoath Rockets and where the idea come from.

In Pat’s words…… “over the past decade, a small group of volunteers within the Ratoath GAA Club
have been doing wonderful work in providing children who have sensory needs
with the opportunity to visit Santa at the GAA Clubhouse.”

Building on this, the Club
organised a Family Fun Day on Saturday, August 27, last year where families were invited to visit the Club where
they could engage in a range of Fun activities.

Based on the success of the Santa
visit and the Family Fun Day, there was agreement that the Club should take the
lead in putting a practical outlet in place for children with additional needs and an organising committee was
established to deliver on this

There was agreement that the
‘Ratoath Rockets’ provided a more than appropriate name for the project and
that it would also be appropriate to have a Junior Rockets (Primary School) and
Senior Rockets (Post-Primary) School dimension.

The involvement of
Transition Year (TY) Students from Ratoath College ensures that there is a
strong inter-generational input into the Rockets, In fact, these students are a key
element of creating a network of future leaders who will build on the
foundations which are currently being put in place. In doing so, they will also help
to ensure that the Ratoath Rockets go from strength to strength in the years

The organising committee
comprises a mix of Volunteers who are committed to ensuring that children with
additional needs are provided with a weekly participation opportunity,
which is grounded in Fun, Friendship, Fairness, Fitness and Freedom.

The Ratoath Rockets commenced on Friday, April 14, and will continue
- every Friday evening at the Club Ball Wall - until the Family Fun weekend on
Friday/Saturday, August 25/26.

The Club Family
Fun Day is now grown to become a full weekend and the session for the Ratoath
Rockets on Friday, August 25th will be a pinnacle element of this. The
intention is that it will provide a fitting testimony to the fact that Ratoath
GAA Club is committed to ensuring that community needs are catered for in the
most inclusive manner possible.

Pat Daly continued….”the outpouring of goodwill
towards the Ratoath Rockets has been awe-inspiring and the generous support
provided by the Ratoath Wheelers cycling club is indicative of this. The donation of
the branded bibs is very much appreciated by all participants, their families
and everybody involved with the organising committee”.

Ni Neart Go Cur Le Cheile.



To finish, Ratoath Wheelers are delighted to help raise awareness and salute the efforts of volunteers providing such support to our local community. We wish you all success with Ratoath Rockets.

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